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MyWVC / ctcLink

ctcLink is a system that gives students, faculty and staff, anytime, anywhere access to their college business.

MyWVC / ctcLink Portal

MyWVC / ctcLink is a modern and easy-to-use student and employee portal.  当你点击 on the MyWVC portal button in the upper right hand corner of the WVC website you'll be taken to a resources menu — including a links to a student dashboard, ctcLink login, ID lookup, class search, tuition payment, bookstore, email, social media sites and 更多!

Activate your account today!

New students and employees should activate their MyWVC / ctcLink account when invited to do so via email. Be sure to write down your new ctcLink ID number (EMPLID) when you get it and keep it in a safe place. You will need it to login to ctcLink. 


MyWVC / ctcLink Student 资源

Need to activate your account? Register for classes? 交学费? We have a tutorial 为那. Our tutorials have written instructions and videos for just about everything you need to use MyWVC / ctcLink.


ctcLink Employee 资源

Activate your account, find how-to documents that guide you through a variety ctcLink  process, including timesheets, absence requests, etc. 我们会 continue to add to these resources as they are developed.


ctcLink Training 资源

Training for employees is available online. Learn what training is required and see other training courses that may be helpful to prepare you to use ctcLink effectively.


下载 the Mobile App!

The ctcLink mobile app is for students lets you enroll in classes, view wait lists, drop and swap classes, check grades, check financial aid, get messages from your colleges, see to-do lists, check degree progress and more on your mobile device.




If you were a student prior to February, 2021, you will need to get a new student ID. You will need this ID to register and for just about everything else.

You will get your new ID when you activate your new MyWVC account.


Helpful 资源

Troubleshooting resources and contact information, including, live-chat support, virtual assistance, technology helpdesk.


Under Construction


Under Construction


The short version: ctcLink is kind of like the computer brain behind WVC. It's the online system all the departments at the college use to make registration, admissions, financial aid, cashiering and more work smoothly. ctcLink is the reason for the MyWVC portal.

Want the long version?


How-To Guides for CS, FIN & HCM

For Campus Solutions, Finance and Human Capital Management professionals, we've put together documentation that goes beyond the SBCTC Quick Reference Guides (QRGs). 我们会 continue to add to and edit these resources so check back often.


需要帮助? Click the green robot in the bottom right-hand corner for LiveChat or contact a specific department.